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Welcome to PhilaLadys - ミラーフェラプリンセス

PhilaLadys is a collection of 10,000 pfp NFTs that celebrates the true culture of NFTs.

We reject the idea that NFTs are for financial investments - they're investments in art, culture, and community.

Prove to the world that you don't care about money - connect your wallet, and buy some non-fungible culture of your very own!

PhilaLadys Collection

PhilaLadys is an electrifying NFT project that brings together the raw energy of punk rock and the rebellious spirit of digital counter culture. Inspired by the ethos of individuality, nonconformity, and artistic expression, PhiPladys aims to disrupt traditional norms and ignite a digital revolution.

What Cultural Leaders Would Say (if they knew about PhilaLadys)


Some PhilaLadys have mustaches.

Deal with it, you fucking bigot.

Drip Grade

PhilaLadys each have a drip score rating their overall stylishness, with each cosmetic scored on its rarity, then weighted against the prominence of its slot, with a multiplier applied for theme or costume complete badges.

Drip score are designed to help tie value to aesthetics over pure trait scarcity.

PhilaLadys are given a letter grading for their drip score (D, C, B, A, S, SS) to help categorize their quality.

PhilaLadys do not want you to shallowly judge them by their looks, so the drip grade is backwards. A real PhilaLady makes you work for it.

Mint NFTs

You can mint up to 20 NFTs at a time. Each NFT costs 0.025 ETH.

Mint at least 5: get 1 free

Mint at least 10: get 2 free -- the perfect start to your Imperial Chinese harem!

(While supplies last!)

Minting is Live!

About PhilaLadys - ミラーフェラプリンセスについて

All PhilaLadys branding, assets and NFT's are copylefted under the Viral Public License.